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How to measure bra cup size in 3 steps?

How to measure the most standard bra size? How to measure bra CUP size scientifically and correctly?

The following is a step-by-step diagram for proper bust measurement:

Bust size (commonly referred to as “upper bust”): Using the breast point as the measurement point, use a soft leather ruler to measure the fullest part of the breast horizontally for one week, which is the bust size.

Lower bust size:Use a soft leather ruler to measure the bottom of the chest horizontally for one week, which is the lower bust size.

This is done as follows:

1、Measure the upper chest circumference:

First, take off the clothes, stand more easily, feet together, let the body lean forward 45 °, and then use a soft ruler around the nipple position a week, from loose slowly tighten, the amount should be hand to gently hold up the breast, as if wearing a bra, can be derived from the upper bust.

2、Measure the lower chest circumference:

Keep the body upright, place the soft ruler horizontally against the lower edge of the chest, and measure the lower bust size in the natural breathing state; those with sagging breasts should push the breasts up to the normal position.

Measure bra CUP size
Measure bra CUP size

Measurement instructions:

For example: your “lower bust” = 73cm, “upper bust” = 86cm, calculate “upper bust – lower bust” =13cm, that is, “lower bust” in the range of (72.5-77.5), “upper bust – lower bust” difference in the range of (12.5-15), should choose the size of 34C/75C.

The available sizes are: 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105. They are all multiples of 5, and the size allows an error of plus or minus 2.5cm. If your lower bust is 77cm, then it stands to reason that you should wear a size 75 bra, and if it happens to be 77.5cm, then you can try either a 75cm or 80cm.

Bust size conversion (1 inch = 2.54 cm)

  • 70CM=32inches
  • 75CM=34inches
  • 80CM=36inches
  • 85CM=38inches

3、Determine the cup of the bra

Cup size (actually means “cup depth”) is the difference between the upper bra size minus the lower bra size, the following is the size comparison table:

Bra CUP size Table
Measure bra CUP size Table

The cup type is determined by the depth of the breast, generally with the English letter ABCDEF, etc. The upper and lower bust increases by 2.5cm cup type should be increased by one model.

Bra cup division (upper and lower bust difference):

  • AA CUP:7.5cm within
  • A CUP:10.0cm within
  • B CUP:12.5cm within
  • C CUP:15.0cm within
  • D CUP:17.5cm within
  • E CUP:20.0cm within

Bust conforming to body standards:

(1) The aesthetic point of view is that hemispherical and cone-shaped are among the more desirable shapes.
(2) The distance between the two nipples is between 22 and 26 cm, with a slight natural inclination outward.
(3) Slightly upwardly erect and about 8 to 10 cm thick.
(4) The size of the areola is no more than a dollar coin, the color is rosy and pink, with a clear demarcation line with the skin and brown pigmentation after marriage.
(5) Nipples should be prominent, not sunken, the size of the areola diameter of 1/3.
(6) The relationship between the size of a woman’s perfect bust and her height is: height × 0.53

Three major considerations

This calculated number of cups is not necessarily the size you should eventually buy, there are three other possibilities:

1、More fat: The cup level should be chosen one level larger. (For example, when the difference is C grade usually choose D)

2, the calculated difference is vague: you try to choose a larger cup size so that the breasts have room to grow. (For example, the difference value of 15 between C and D usually choose D in the case)

3, the shape of the breast is flat like a plate of sand: the smaller the measured difference, the larger the selected cup level. (For example, when the lost fat is put into shape according to the scientific dressing method, the measured difference is B cup, then the chosen cup is C cup)

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