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What is the role of silicone bra, what is the danger of silicone bra?

What is the role of silicone bra, what is the danger of silicone bra?

Every woman should wear lingerie, but each person should have a different choice of lingerie, what is the role of silicone lingerie and what are the dangers of silicone lingerie.

What does silicone bra do?

1、Good fitting

After you put it on, your breasts and the invisible bra are basically sealed, so there is no air left, which means that it blends in with your breasts. Because of this, silicone invisible bras can be worn for swimming without the fear of falling off.

2、Good breast enlargement effect

Silicone invisible bras are generally thicker, even the thinnest silicone invisible bras are thicker than fabric ones, so when they are worn, they are naturally more voluminous.

What are the hazards of silicone bras?


The weight of the silicone invisible bra is generally around 60-80g, some can weigh more than 130g, after wearing the general feeling of chest compression.

2、Not breathable

Silicone invisible bras, because of their own material, from 2003 onwards, there are no breakthrough improvements in design (such as ventilation holes and so on), so breathability is not good.

Silicone bra long-term use will harm the body?

1, affect the normal breathing of the chest

The skin of the chest also needs to breathe, and silicone underwear is usually made of silicone, the layer close to the chest is also coated with glue, in the process of wearing, the glue side will be close to the chest, so that the chest can not breathe properly, usually after wearing silicone underwear for 6 hours a day, the chest will feel stuffy, and even allergies, itching, redness and other symptoms.

2、Cause skin allergy

Silicone underwear is also divided into good quality and bad quality, which is mainly for the quality of silicone, good silicone is also very small damage to the skin, while poor quality silicone is very irritating to the skin, irritated skin may grow prickly heat, eczema and other skin diseases.

3、Increased skin bacteria

Although the silicone underwear can be reused, but the requirements for cleaning and preservation are high, if improper cleaning or preservation, will make the silicone underwear covered with bacteria, which is mainly due to its sticky, airborne dust, bacteria, and a variety of dust fine hair, may fall on the silicone underwear, and the reproduction of bacteria is very fast, equivalent to increase the number of bacteria on the skin.

4、Cause breast deformation

Ordinary underwear because there are straps, the chest equivalent to a lifting effect, if silicone underwear without straps, and rely on glue directly on the chest, so long-term wearing silicone underwear, the original chest shape will cause extrusion and damage, the chest for a long time in an unnatural state, is likely to lead to chest deformation or even sagging.

What is the material of silicone underwear

Silicone bra general cup it can be divided into two layers, its main component is that the surface is a layer of TPU film, the internal is silicone, the inner layer inside is silicone glue, it is sticky, can be directly attached to the body. The stickiness of the good or bad, directly determines its service life, and the bra is closely related, which is also a problem that many people worry about, afraid to wear when the stickiness is not good enough, afraid to fall off. In general, it is composed of 2 kinds of materials: TPU film + silicone, it is composed of our bra.

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