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How to use a silicone bra

How to use a silicone bra

Gently smooth the edge of the cups with your fingertips on your breasts and repeat the same action on the other side, pressing the cups firmly with both hands for a few seconds to ensure fixation. For a more complete look, place the cups a little higher on the chest, with the clasp 45 degrees down, adjust the position of both sides to keep the breast shape symmetrical, and then fasten the invisible bra clasp. Unclasp the front clasp first, and gently pluck the cups from top to bottom gradually, if there is any residual adhesive, please wipe with tissue.

Silicone bra, also known as invisible underwear, is composed of two pieces of silicone film and front buckle, clean your chest before use, then turn the cups outward and gently stick them to the outer side of your chest in the lower position, then the middle buckle can be fastened.

First clean your breasts, wash off the oil and other residues on your skin, dry your skin with a soft towel and do not apply talcum powder, moisturizer, oil or perfume on the location near your breasts before using the invisible bra to avoid affecting the sticky effect of the bra.

How to use a silicone bra
How to use a silicone bra

How to clean and save the silicone bra

Just wash with water or mild water, do not use washing powder, otherwise it will damage the silicone.

Do not use washing machines or brushes and any cleaning agents as this may cause permanent damage to the adhesive.

After washing, please shake off the excessive water and put it on the original tray to dry in a cool place, not in the sun, otherwise it will also destroy the adhesive layer. Once dry, just put it in a plastic box for storage.

Silicone bras are recommended for purchase:

1、People who wear C-cups or above are better off not using pure silicone invisible bras.

Silicone mainly has the effect of fullness, women with large breasts first no longer need the effect of fullness again, the more important reason is that pure silicone are heavier than fabric bras, after wearing will cause a greater burden to the large breasts. You can choose silicone bras with lifting.

2、Pregnant women should not wear invisible bras.

Breastfeeding your child can be a hassle. Take it off and wash your breasts before breastfeeding your child.

3、Be sure to choose the right cups, otherwise the fitting effect is more affected.

4、Optional invisible straps silicone bra for the summer without showing the back of the shoulder.

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